Custom made Bag Unique, customized, functional

Of course we can help you again this year with custom made bags if a project requires this from you. With our own prodution facility in China, we can easily realize this for you at an attractive price. Every custom made project requires a project-based approach. Communication between you and us is one of these key aspects to make it a succes. Fortunately, we have enough experience in this to guide you.

By custom made we mean the following:

  • Customize an existing bag from our collection. Then you should think for example of a different color, different material choice, extra accessories or a combination of these. Depending on the complexity of the adjustments, this is already possible from 500 pcs. You should think of a delivery time of ±14-16 weeks (incl. development time and sampling).


  • The development of a unique bag and functionality. We can then make a bag for you based on a model that you have seen somewhere or that has been supplied by a customer or on the basis of clear specifications, photos or (pattern) drawing. This is possible from 1,000 pcs. However, this takes a longer development process. You should think of a delivery time of ± 16-18 weeks (incl. development time and sampling).


  • Most of our bags can also be printed with a logo (max. 2 colors). This is possible from 100 pcs and we can realize that within 2 weeks if the bag is in stock.

So if you or your customer have a nice bag in mind or consider a Private Label, please feel free to contact us.