Re-Cycle Shopper - Army Green 140 GSM PP Woven (30% Gerecycled)

Art. 24124.42

A compact, sturdy shopper bag (± 30L) that can be attached to the bicycle with bicycle hooks. Super convenient if you go shopping by bike. Hang the bag easily and stably on your carrier so you have your hands on the wheel and can safely participate in traffic. This bag, which can be closed with Velcro, is partly (± 30%) made of recycled plastic, which makes it a sustainable choice. Doing the shopping after work or just in between jobs has never been so easy!

  • Bike hooks for attachment to bicycle
  • With velcro closure
  • With trendy line-art print
  • Available with matching gift box
  • With long carrying handles
Art. Name:
Re-Cycle Shopper
140 GSM PP Woven (30% gerecycled)
± 45 x 38,5 x 16,5 cm
Army Green (.42)