For some time now, we as a company have been working to lower our footprint and reduce our waste streams. A key area for improvement here is the plastic polybags in which our bags are packed. Unfortunately, this packaging is necessary to protect the products from moisture and dirt during transport and storage. Years ago, we already started packing bags per 5 or more pieces in 1 polybag to reduce our plastic waste. But now, after a long search, we have an improved solution: polybags made from recycled polybags!

How does it work? Old polybags are collected (mono-flow), any prints are removed and the plastic is cleaned. Granulate is then produced, from which new R-LDPE polybags can be made. The polybag may be slightly less transparent, but offers the same protection of the product and at least does not create extra waste or additional use of petroleum. Another step towards a lower footprint! Naturally, the polybags are certified with the GRS certificate (Global Recycling Standard).